Why does alumni participation matter?

Participation rates can have a major impact on institutional reputation. U.S. News & World Report considers undergraduate alumni participation rates as a barometer of alumni satisfaction and factors them into its rankings. Rankings create reputation, reputation affects enrollment, and enrollment affects tuition revenue. Overall giving rates to all schools, including Morehouse, are factored in national rankings.

Why is your participation so important? Annual gifts help ensure the continued excellence of the Morehouse experience. Plus, participation sends a message to the world about the quality of the Morehouse degree and alumni success:

  • Value of a Morehouse degree: Parents and prospective students look at national rankings and alumni participation rates as indications of how satisfied alumni are with the school and quality of the degree. Think of a diploma as if it were a stock certificate. As the quality of the institution grows, so does the value of your degree!
  • National ranking: U.S. News and World Report uses participation rates when calculating rankings. Right now, Morehouse overall alumni giving rates lags behind that of other HBCU and Liberal Arts Institutions, but you can change that!
  • Financial strength: Annual giving is an essential resource for the college. Corporations and foundations look to alumni participation rates as a key measure of alumni satisfaction in their alma mater because they believe their philanthropic research dollars should go to an institution with proven results.
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